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I'm a student, so I don't have nearly as much time for leisure reading as I'd like. If I manage to read an entire course book instead of just the assigned chapters, I'll review that here, too.

I am excited!

Mary Borsellino's new book Thrive is coming out in a few days. I was lucky enough to read an early version of it and it blew me away.


Sadly, she's saying it will be her last novel (for now?), but if you've never heard of her, look up The Devil's Mixtape. Seriously. Do it.


I cannot recommend Thrive (or Mixtape) warmly enough. It's about young women in post-apocalyptic and dystopian (two different things) world who refuse to follow the script society hands to them, and who do the hard work of building a better world.


In a time and place where the gulf between the haves and the have-nots has grown painfully wide, Olivia lives a life cushioned with abundance… until the day she is kidnapped by Hannah, a girl from a very different kind of life. Olivia discovers a taste for things not condoned in her world: black-market books, daring friends, wild creativity.

From the depths of factory oppression to the dizzying heights of vigilante rooftops, Olivia travels the margins of society, where the misfits gather and fight to make a life worth living.