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A Very Special Delivery (Love Inspired #349)

A Very Special Delivery (Love Inspired #349) - Linda Goodnight Yes, three stars.

I've read one Linda Goodnight novel before, A Snow-Kissed Bride, and it stands in my memory still as the worst book ever written, perhaps only barring Midshipwizard Halcyon Blythe. So, knowing this one was not only by Linda Goodnight but also Christian inspirational and about babies, I expected it to be amusingly terrible. Instead, this was the first time I've actually genuinely enjoyed and got into a romance novel.

Don't judge me. Everybody was super-nice to each other and the baby was adorable. They had a church where everybody goes to feel peace and love and have picnics and craft bazaars. Dude, I want to go that church, despite the fact that I'm a pro-choice, Paganish queer woman living happily in sin and that these guys even judge people for having premarital sex. (Yes, in the novel itself.)

It's also obvious that Ms. Goodnight has both received criticism and learned from it. The heroine is not the black-haired, silver-eyed (that's called GREY, people), strikingly beautiful woman suffering from post-traumatic stress, but a freckled, comfortably pretty brown-eyed ginger woman suffering from post-traumatic panic attacks. The panic attacks, though the basis of a hurt/comfort plot, are described with - as far as I can tell - medical accuracy and don't just go away in the end. The hero is your usual boring romance novel hero, but even he is just so NICE. Everybody's living blissfully in Christ and have learned patience and charity. I kind of loved that. These novels are supposed to be fluffy escapism and this is the first one that ever worked for me as such. Every other romance novel I've read more or less out of curiosity and ended up being bored.