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I'm a student, so I don't have nearly as much time for leisure reading as I'd like. If I manage to read an entire course book instead of just the assigned chapters, I'll review that here, too.

Spock's World (Star Trek)

Spock's World - Diane Duane I'm not sure why I'm being so cruel as to give this book a mere 3 stars. I enjoyed it, the description was gorgeous, the psychology interesting, and it was all about Vulcans, who are awesome. There was McCoy in it, and he was glorious.

I think I may have expected more. The points of disappointment were: 1) Too many romances between two many couples that were too perfect, 2) Not enough technobabble because I LOVE technobabble; 3) Not enough surprises, and 4) Diane Duane, you stole both your Zen-demonstration and Bible-has-funny-rules-in-it stories from other people, shame on you.

These are really minor points. (The incorrect science was so minor that I'm not even putting it on the list; this is Star Trek, after all.) I would give it 3.5 stars if I could. Still, right now, chtia demands that I give a number of stars that best reflects my reading experience.